Tuesday, May 5, 2009

flan with blackberries

  • 1 box flan
  • fresh blackberries

Prepare flan according to instructions on box. We used and loved the Dr. Oetker brand, but I'm sure any will work. Garnish with berries and serve.

The dish: Faithful readers know; dessert is best when instant. I'd put the taste and texture of this flan against any that I've ordered out; it was just that good. I'm not sure if it was difficult to make because I outsourced that to Kim (Chinese name and she has 3 jobs- coincidence?), but it was easy to eat. We had this as the finale to our Cinco De Mayo meal, but I'm confused because I've ordered flan in both Mexican and Italian restaurants, and this brand was made in Canada, so I have doubts about theme continuity, but what the hell- dessert is a common language among all cultures.


  1. hey uncle bob it is meg!!!! omg this looks so good pretty colors to hehehe. i am now 1 of ur followers ye looks good awesome job c u soon love ya say hi to kimmy!!! bye

  2. Hey Meg- thanks for checking it out! Kim is the official taste tester of the red room, I'm not sure where I'd be without her

  3. As I recall, at one time, we all said that without Kim, you would end up sleeping off one too many benders on our couch...

  4. What is the brand name of the Flan mix?

  5. Lillian- It was the Dr. Oetker brand, you can click onthe name up above and there's a link that will take you to their website. I found it at the Vails Gate Hannaford

    Rebecca- Could be true, your husband and I don't always make good joint decisions.

  6. Computer Whizzzzzzz says: RE: May 20 at 8:32 PM, I'd say that from where I sit, the four of you were all lucky to have found each other--period!! Love ya!