Tuesday, May 5, 2009

corn with roasted poblano

  • 1 bag frozen white and yellow corn
  • 1 whole poblano pepper
  • 1tsp Olivio (or butter, if you want to die)

Roast whole pepper in 300 degree oven for 20 minutes, remove. Once cooled, chop into little pieces. Cook corn according to package. Mix cooked corn, chopped pepper and Olivio together.

The dish: Growing up I didn't own one single baseball card. My childhood heroes were not men who threw balls and swung sticks, but rather men of social and business importance, specifically, Lee Iacocca. Against the advice of my fourth grade teacher I did my biography book report on his best selling autobiography and when he got canned from the Ellis Island project I wrote him to let him know at least one fifth grader was pissed off. Amazingly, he wrote back; it was the proudest moment of my young life. My love for Lido has not faded over time. I proudly own an old Chrysler and when it looked like there was going to be a "car czar", I was ready to go to Washington and lobby like hell for him. If you know anything of Mr. Iacocca, then you know of the immense love and profound sense of loss he holds for his first wife, Mary. Mary died nearly 30 years ago after a long struggle with diabetes, and to this day Lee is probably the strongest advocate on the globe for diabetes research, donating millions of dollars towards research and treatments. Olivio is a buttery spread made with olive oil that is much less destructive to your internals than either butter or margarine, and it tastes and spreads awesome. Developing and marketing the spread was just Lee's way of giving people a healthier, better tasting alternative, while furthering his philanthropy. I'm proud to say that my 10 year old self did a pretty good job at picking hero's.


  1. Two words, dude: K Car. Allowed Chrysler to pay off loans early, avoiding massive interest payments. It might have been ugly as sin and accelerated like a rhino on quaaludes, but it sold and helped Chrysler rebound. Ford's loss, Chrysler's gain.

  2. true that- and Chrysler did a great job at making sure they could sell you a K car no matter what you were looking for: budget 4 door- no problem, "luxury" sedan with lots of chrome and vinyl roof- check, convertible- sure, even a "sports" car- remember the Dodge Daytona? Lee has been better than anyone at being able to position product- hell, he invented a whole new class of automobile with the minivan. He alone kept the American drop top alive as GM and Ford refused to make one in the mid 80s. It truly was Ford's loss. Henry Jr was so pig headed that he couldn't stomach the success an outsider (an Italian one at that) achieved with the Mustang- which is once again Lee pioneering not only a new car, but a whole new class of car.